A Model for Consideration for China

Congratulations to Dieter Ernst for this comprehensive report. Consistent with his observation of the importance China has placed on the relationship of intellectual property and Standarization, on November 11th, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) released its National Patent Industry Strategy for the 10-year period spanning 2011-2020, a law that Vice Commissioner Gan Shaoning called a ‘milestone’ for China’s patent development. See http://www.gov.cn/jrzg/2010-11/11/content_1743513_2.htm.

It is curious that some of the observations in this report at not so different from the observations of Ernst: Patent policy and the national economic interface between science and technology policy is not tight enough, failed to form an effective incentive and protection of innovation and patent policy system. Core patent has an insufficient number of market players patent application is not strong. Patent management system and mechanism is not perfect, still needs further strengthening of law enforcement protection. Dissemination of patent information and services, economic development status and needs of the remaining gap. Public awareness of the patent system is not deep, and strong patent awareness. These problems restricted to a greater extent the patent system in stimulating innovation and promoting economic development role to play.

On page three of the report and as generally accepted around the world as the American model market forces and the private sector should play a primary role in innovation and standardication. There is an excellent example of how the US public and private sector works together in this regard in the US federal register announcement of December 8 at http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2010/2010-30864.htm that asks for feedback how the US government can work with the private sector on national priorities such as
1. Smart Grid.
2. Health Information Technology.
3. Cyber Security.
4. Emergency Communications Interoperability.
5. Radioactivity Detectors and Radiation Monitors
Perhaps this is a model for consideration