Q.  Why was talkstandards.com created?
Talkstandards.com was created to provide a forum for discussion on key policy and business issues related to standards and the standards system. The Web site was launched in November 2008 in conjunction with a roundtable discussion on the global standards system hosted by the Center for European Law and Economics and the Intellectual Property Institute. In April 2009, talkstandards.com was enhanced with blogs, an open forum for public comments and a reference library.

Q. Who created the Web site?
Mattias Ganslandt, Ph.D., is the founder and editor of talkstandards.com. A leading expert on the global standards system, Dr. Ganslandt is also director of the Center for European Law and Economics, a nonprofit research center focused on intellectual property and standards issues.

Q. What is the goal of the Web site?
Talkstandards.com brings together a rich variety of voices to share ideas, engage in a fact-based, constructive dialogue and collaborate on a broad set of standards-related topics. Talkstandards.com promotes open discourse, sharing of information and dissemination of analysis with the goal of helping foster new solutions.

Q.  What is the role of the editor?
As editor, Dr. Ganslandt is responsible for monitoring content on the web site to ensure that it is appropriate and topical. Dr. Ganslandt also invites experts and leading standards voices to participate in the Web site as guest bloggers and contributors, sharing knowledge, ideas and valuable research in a open manner. The public is also encouraged to participate in the online forum.

Q.  Does the editor agree with all the comments discussed on the site?
The opinions and documents on talkstandards.com reflect the views of the individual authors, not Dr. Ganslandt or the Center for European Law and Economics. The goal of talkstandards.com is to be an open forum where individuals with differing points of view can share their opinions on topics related to standards and standards-setting policy.

Q.  Is the content filtered before it is posted?
Content posted on the site is monitored by Dr. Ganslandt to ensure it is appropriate and topical. Content is not screened for policy positions or specific opinions expressed.

Q.  Are postings on the blog or forum filtered?
No. The forum is an open, independent source of information, and anyone can post comments. Opinions on the blog are not filtered or edited.

Q.  How are bloggers chosen?
Dr. Ganslandt has invited several individuals who are knowledgeable on the global standards system to participate in the blog and to be associate editors. The bloggers and invited contributors represent a variety of opinions and views.

Q.  How do I become a blogger or official contributor?
Contact Dr. Ganslandt at info@talkstandards.com.

Q.  Who answers the questions submitted to the CONTACT US page of the Web site?
Dr. Ganslandt, editor of talkstandards.com, responds to questions and inquiries submitted through the CONTACT US page of the Web site. When appropriate, Dr. Ganslandt may ask other experts to respond to certain inquiries.

Q.  Does this Web site and its editors have a policy position on standards? If so, what is the position?
The purpose of this Web site is to facilitate an open, collaborative discussion surrounding standards and the standards-setting process. Dr. Ganslandt does not promote any specific policy. Rather, he encourages the public to share their diverse comments and opinions.

Q.  Who owns the content on talkstandards.com? Can I copy it and send it around to others?
See License Agreement.

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