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This event (Thurs October 28th –  3pm GMT / 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 5pm CET / 11pm Beijing) is set to discuss mobile payment and transfer services.


Mobile money offers huge potential for today’s unbanked population, given that there are only 1.4 million ATMs globally while mobile customers exceeds 4 billion. Two of the largest MMT initiatives today are Safaricom’s M-PESA, focused on an agent system for cashing in/out money transfers between users, and Obopay, provider of an end-to-end solution for mobile money transfer and mobile payments.

Innovation to the money transfer service is two-fold: it allows a ubiquitous transfer service – regardless of time and place – that only requires a mobile phone. Considering that mobile technology spreads faster than financial institutions develop, MMT services presents potentially very interesting competition to traditional banking services.

Some key questions to be addressed include:

1. What possibilities does Mobile Money offer to unbanked people?
2. Are international interoperability standards required and, if so, how are they best developed?
3. With a great potential for innovations coming from developing countries, how will these innovations find their way into globally accepted standards?
4. What obstacles need to be overcome before we see wider deployments of Mobile Money services?

Discussion Material (MORE TO COME!):

Ajit Jaokar: Show me the (Mobile) Money!

Mattias Ganslandt: Mobile Money’s role in International Remittance

Harold Dimpel: Providing Mobile Money for the Unbanked

Mattias Ganslandt: The Cost of Mobile Money

INTERVIEW: Carol Realini, Obopay CEO

INTERVIEW: Nav Bains, Mobile Money Director, GSMA


Event Page: Mobile Money – Innovation and Standardization for the Unbanked


BACKGROUND: Mobile Money’s Potential

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