Online Forum: May 31, 2011 :: 15:00 - 18:00 GMT
Standardising the Single Market

Standardising the Single Market

Standardising the Single Market

On Tuesday 31th May (GMT 15:00, see times below), Talkstandards will host an online discussion framed against the recently publicised  “Twelve projects for the 2012 Single Market” – one of which is to Strengthen Standardisation. The event will focus upon the future of the European Standards system and how the project’s goals of more effective, efficient and inclusive system can be achieved.

The event will feature a series of guest contributors including the following:


• Knut Blind (TU-Berlin)

• John Ketchell (CEN-CENELEC)

• Helen Disney (Stockholm Network)

• Ajit Jaokar (Futuretext)

• George WIllingmyre


For more info regarding the EU’s outlined 12 projects please use the following link:…


Format: At the event’s commencement (see above) the keynote contributions will be published. It is upon these articles that the discussion will form. The event is the coming together of experts to foster a live discussion in an online, free and international environment. Please leave any questions/comments at the end of each article to take part in the discussion.

• GMT 15:00
• Europe: CET 17:00 / London 16:00
• US: Eastern 11:00 / Pacific 08:00
• Beijing 23:00
• Sydney 01:00 (1st June)


For further information please contact Junior Editor Peter Gray (email).




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In its Communication on “Europe 2020: a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” the European Commission underlines that a strong, d...

Standards as Crucial Element for the Implementation of the Single Market in Services

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The extension of the European legislation, i.e. the New Approach, on the European standardisation system to extend it to services was overdue reflectin...

The Future for Standards is Not Standard

Posted By Helen Disney on May 31st, 2011

Looking at the title of today’s forum, one wonders if standardizing the single market is something of an oxymoron? While on one hand the standardizat...

Behind the Scenes: Standardisation and the Single Market

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Within the context of Standardising the single market, we have twelve projects for the 2012 Single Market” – one of which is to Strengthen Standard...

Whither European or International Services Standards?

Posted By George Willingmyre on May 31st, 2011

Let us focus on the issue within the topic “Twelve projects for the 2012 Single Market” of European services standards as distinct from the impac...

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