Upcoming: Balancing Antitrust and IPR Protection in EU Legislation

The IPR Strategy recognizes explicitly that IPRs create a host of ways for innovators to extract value and reward, and that each is valid. It recognizes that businesses should not be hampered in finding new models to value their IPR. Most strikingly for the standards world, the Communication expressly recognizes in the context of standardization that licensing is an important part of it and that “many European companies nowadays generate a large part of their revenue through licensing of their IP portfolios (page 5)”. The IPR strategy only refers to standardization once, at page 5, and it is interesting that the text looks only at the importance of IP licensing regimes (and by implication the success of the current FRAND patent policy underlying the global standards world), not only in fostering take up for standards, but in incentivizing repeat contributions to allow the standards to evolve…..

This article is authored by George Willingmyre, President and founder of GTW Associates http://www.talkstandards.com/author/gtwassociates/

This forthcoming article is part of Talkstandards’ upcoming event “A New Strategy for European Intellectual Property Rights” and will be published Tuesday June 7th.

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